Feros Care

Brand Campaign

The Aged Care sector had recently undergone a significant shift in the way it was remunerated. Care facilities needed to market more sophisticatedly to consumers to survive. Feros Cares’ attitude to aged care is one that enables and celebrates and promotes a bolder, vibrant, healthy and more independent life.

Feros strive to empower the individual. To better connect them to the world, their friends, family and community. And to keep them connected to everything they enjoy doing most.

Grow Bold.

Grow Bold

The Solution

A new approach was developed for Feros Care based around the proposition of living a bolder life. Because everyone should be able to continue to learn, grow and live a healthy, independent life in aged care. We developed a new brand world and communications platform based on the notion of ‘GROW BOLD’. A refreshed Brand Identity was created that was applied to everything from business cards to car livery. And with the help of renowned photographer Simon Harsent, a vibrant energetic ‘GROW BOLD’ brand campaign was produced, celebrating and promoting a bolder outlook to ageing and aged care.

Additionally, a series of short films based around 8 heroes inspirational stories were created to further tell the brand story.

Grow Bold

Brand Campaign
Created for:
VCCP – Sydney
Thanks to:
Photography: Simon Harsent www.simonharsent.com